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Welcome to the Ridgewood Farm website

Land at Ridgewood Farm to the west of Uckfield has been identified within Wealden District Council's adopted Core Strategy as being within an area of growth suitable for a mixed-use urban extension with potential to accommodate up to 1000 new homes, education provision and over 1200 square metres of employment space.

This website has been created to give you information about how Welbeck Strategic Land propose to deliver the Council’s aspirations for a new neighbourhood on land at Ridgewood Farm.

Meeting Housing Needs

Across the country local authorities have been asked to identify suitable land to be allocated for new housing. The process in Wealden district has been running for several years, involving many people from the local area.

Wealden District Council's Core Strategy was adopted in February 2013.

Welbeck Strategic Land is bringing forward proposals for the site and we aim to submit an outline planning application in January 2015.

New Homes Bonus

As a result of the new development approximately £8m could be paid to the Wealden District Council as New Homes Bonus. This bonus, which will be paid over 6 years from Central Government, is paid to the Local Authority with the recommendation of consulting local people as to how the money should be spent.

To view pdf panels of the outline planning application masterplan and further information about the proposals, please click on the link below.

Link to PDF of planning application panels